Week in review: Who's in charge here?

Feb 24, 2015 · 3 min read

Week in review: Who's in charge here? -- Made In Helmikuu

Last week went by with an impossible pace. I worked on ideas for enhancing the visibility of my services and this blog. This sparked some ideas about authenticity and successfully mixing business and personal.

Inspired by an email correspondence with someone on my email list I wrote a piece about how authenticity is not glossy and clean. True authenticity includes also the ugly, by which I don't mean the pretentious "awww look how adorably angry I can get" kind of stuff some bloggers do to show they aren't all glitter and spark. In a similar subject Stacey Corrin wrote about not blindly following all the advice you find online. She pointed out that too much advice about how to run your business and work your way to the success can direct you off of authenticity and your own path. Which reminds me: The little ebook I'm writing for the email subscribers continues to be under work. I haven't forgot! Read a little preview here on the blog.

Do you know what is adjusted bounce rate in Google Analytics? It's when you tell GA to not track all the bounce visits as such, depending on how long the visitors stay around. Currently I'm trying that on this site and I'll tell you later how it went. As the bounce rate in Analytics is so easy to manipulate, all the rumours of bounce rate affecting search rankings cannot be true. This is why I took a look at the subject and assessed the bounce rate doesn't affect search rankings. At least not the bounce rate you see on your Analytics.

The trolls and other rear ends of human race are causing grief to all of those who they find intimidating. One of the most recognised problem lately have been these misguided people who are attacking women, especially those of us who come out as feminists. Michelle Goldberg wrote a piece on how feminist writers are being harassed online so bad they are quitting. This is alarming news for everyone online. Who's in charge here?

Oh and we've been watching Jacque Demy's movies and as much as I want to like them, they just don't work for me. It's something about the characters that rubs me the wrong way. If you want to keep up on my one line movie "reviews", check out my feed and follow on Twitter. Also the Facebook page is recommended for you if you like what these blog posts and other stuff I share along. Don't forget to sign up on the free email list by filling the form below so you'll get my ebook when it's ready.


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