Week in review: Quiet conformity

Feb 09, 2015 · 2 min read

Week in review: Quiet conformity -- Made In Helmikuu

As announced last week I'm now doing Week in review posts now. In each post I will look back to what happened during the previous week on this blog, in my life and elsewhere. I share a couple of interesting links to articles I found and perhaps rants shortly about a movie I saw. This post is no different.

I kept sharing links on Helmikuu's Facebook page and I recommend you to like to keep up with all that. I also Tweeted lots of things, including wondering how the Twitter Analytics supposedly counts the impressions of a Tweet and does it count the impressions through third party apps. I guess nobody knows. Someone asked on Facebook how it determines which updates they will see, so I wrote a few words about it. Facebook newsfeed shows what you should see, not what you want or need.

Through an article on Buffer's blog I found description of Solomon Asch experiment in 1950s. In this study Asch tested how group pressure affects our opinions and choices. My article last year about how a blog post with comments is more likely to attract more comments fits this study. Conformity is a huge factor in all sorts of choices, including the ones made online.

Towards the end of the week blogged something that gained lots of interest, shares and a couple of comments too. Majority of your online audience is silent and they won't comment or share your posts even if they enjoy them. You cannot know what they think, what they like or even who they are.

Friday was my birthday and we went to see Jupiter Ascending (2015), which was incredibly boring. I really wanted to like it and through the movie I kept hoping things would get better. There was so much good stuff, including Nesh, a guy with an elephant head and hot temper. Unfortunately many things in the movie won't work, including the chemistry between the main characters.

During the weekend I created a little something which I will launch soon. It's a fun little thing and I think you'll like it. Really, nothing serious. The picture on the top of this post is a hint. Oh and hey, please join the email list! You will receive all sorts of writings which I won't publish here on the blog.


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