How to boost your page reach on Facebook

Jan 16, 2015 · 6 min read

How to boost your page reach on Facebook -- Made In Helmikuu

Your Facebook page's post views are declining. According to data from last spring the organic reach was around 6% for a typical Facebook page. That means basically only 6 of your 100 page likers see your posts. That's not good, is it? And the views amount has been declining so fast the percentage could be now even less. This is why there's a huge surge of posts like this all over the web. Posts telling you how to make your Facebook page updates show up more. The reason why I'm chipping in is that those posts are generally written for very popular, huge pages and I'm now talking about pages of small businesses and bloggers.

The thing about Facebook is that it's a business. Like your business is a business and needs to bring money to you to pay your bills and bread, also Facebook is there for profit. They don't make profit if they keep giving you free marketing space and so they are dropping the amount of your page's organic visibility and increasing the amount of paid visibility. This makes any small and micro business owner, blogger, freelancer, self employed and so forth squirm. It seems unfair, but it's not personal. It's only business.

Fortunately for you the key in reach on Facebook is with the engagement. The more engagement (likes, shares and comments) your post gains, the more people will see your posts on Facebook. Each like, share and comment helps your post to be seen by more people and when more people see your posts the more likes, shares and comments the post will get. Simple as that. Of course the trick is to get your pages likers and their friends to first see and actually notice the post, so they will know to engage with it and so forth. It's a loop. Therefore here are a couple of ideas on how to first get people to see and notice your posts and then to get them engage with them. Also when someone has previously engaged with your page or its posts they will be more likely to see your updates in the near future. So the engagement on one post will help the reach of your future posts as well.

Pay for it

Now don't get all panicky! I know you aren't into paying for your marketing, but do read on. As noted above the paid visibility of Facebook posts is getting higher so if you really want to get people to see your posts you must pay. The good news is it's not that pricey. I have myself dabbled on Facebook boosted posts and advertising. You can start with very low price, spend 10 USD for a little boost and that can take you far. Only make sure you spend that 10 USD wisely. This means you must boost a post that is likely to get more likes, comments and shares. If you want to boost a post that isn't such engagement magnet you may want to pay a bit more. With a very little boost you can get the loop of engagement going on. I don't recommend trying to boost the same post for a very long time either. The longer and more the same post will show up the more it will annoy. Especially when your page doesn't yet have that much reach nor that many likers paying the very small amount to boost your post here and there can be very cost effective way to gain more engagement and views. Hey, nothing is free!

Use photos

For any posts include always a photo (or a video) if possible. The posts with good and interesting photos appear to get more engagement on Facebook. Especially when you want a page's updates to gain views and engagement use a relevant and interesting photo on it. Now don't steal images, use the ones you took, that were free (see Free images for your blog or design projects and More free images for your blog or design projects), you paid for, or photos licensed for commercial use. Boosted posts tend to be more flexible with their content, but Facebook advertisement has pretty strict rules about what sort of photos you can use and especially how much text they can include. Of course using offensive or generally bad photos will damage your reach, at least when you start to lose the likes. So don't get stupid with the images.

Make them compete

Call for engagement competitions are a great way to boost the visibility of your page. By this I mean those competitions where you ask people to like and comment or like and share or do it all to an update on your page in order to take part on a sweepstake. "Like and comment this post to a chance to win [something]!" Also add a photo of that something to the update. This will boost the visibility of the competition/sweepstake update, it can generate more likes for your page and of course more near future views and engagement. The downsize is that competitions can allure freebie hawks who aren't so interested about your business in general but only want to get things for free. They are problematic for you, because their engagement and page likes are often linked to the amount of free stuff you offer. They don't want to pay for your services and products , they don't want to like, share and comment your regular updates and they generally don't want to have anything to do with your or your business if they cannot get free stuff. However the sweepstakes and other competitions are a good way to get short term boost and thus have a chance to get long term boost as well. If you additionally pay for boosting the competition update you will get even more reach.

Update often

The biggest mistake on Facebook is to update very very little. Long pauses between updates will make sure that most of your page likers won't see your posts. Because they see more posts from pages they have been actively engaging with before your irregular and infrequent posts won't reach their timelines. If you update often enough the chances of your posts to be first noticed by at least someone and then gain more views through their engagement will go up with every post. Okay, this also is a thin ice. If you update too often the people will quit having interest in your posts and even in worse cases they will unlike your page. Furthermore if your updates are spammy or not interesting to your audience, or they are just bad quality they will do harm to your reach and likes. So update regularly, but don't get spammy. You can test this a bit, trying how many updates you will need to make per week or per day even in order to boost the reach.

Do it yourself

Ask your friends, family, blog readers and other people who might be interested to actually be nice to you to like, share and comment. Firstly ask them to like your page (please like my page) and then ask them to like, share and comment your posts. Moreover share your page's posts on your own timeline. Every engagement, including your own, counts on Facebook. Your own activity is the key to success with social media, and this is very true on Facebook too. Don't just post and wait passively, instead post and be active. Be grateful for those who like, share and comment. Thank them, make them feel special. Also like other's pages and their posts and don't expect them to like your pages and posts if you don't like theirs. Seriously, that's so rude.

The lazy conclusion

In conclusion you need to be yourself pretty active and if you really really want your pages posts to be seen by people, you may want to pay a little for the visibility. Good quality always takes you far and so does being at least remotely interesting. If you have family and friends who like to support you or other supporters, ask them to help you out. Update often and share your page's posts on your own timeline. Have competitions and sweepstakes and give even your least active likers a reason to engage. In order to gain more reach on Facebook you don't need to pay much, but you might like to pay a little and all comes down to getting that engagement in the first place in order to get more of it. As usual I'd like to remind of not getting too dwelled with statistics and analytics and to have as much fun as you just can. Not in a way that would harm you and others, just that old good spirited nice fun.


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