The reality about getting comments

Aug 17, 2014 · 2 min read

The reality about getting comments -- Made In Helmikuu

Getting comments on your blog, your Facebook posts and Instagram photos is so hard! Some days comments pour in, some days everything is quiet. Sometimes someone will respond privately, on an email or otherwise. There's all sorts of advice on how to get more blog comments. Nice ideas, but it gets really frustrating when none of the advice works. Lack of comments doesn't mean nobody cares, but it's so annoying. The reality about blog comments and other measurements is that we are way too interested in the numbers. And yet it does bug me when I don't get (public and mind you, polite and not annoying) comments on my various posts.

What really works? How do you get comments? The real secret is getting comments. Yep, sounds nuts, but that's how human mind works. I've noticed this on my blog, on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and even sometimes on Twitter. Whether we are talking about a blog post, photo or anything else getting a couple of comments will make others comment too. Of course the number of people who actually see your post on Facebook depends on the amount of shares and comments the post has gained. However even if you don't take that in account it appears to be a fact: One comment sparks another one and then another and so forth.

Popularity makes you more popular. Success creates success. Traffic creates more traffic. Often we want to add our comment to a popular conversation to be part of it. People like to be part of things. The other reason why comments create more comments is that one comment can make another person respond. More often though the comments, when they start to really come in, aren't about the other comments. They are about getting your own voice in the conversation.

Have you noticed how often you take part on conversations after someone else made the first comment? Have you noticed how your own posts begin to get significantly more comments after one or two has slowly dropped in?


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