The key to success with social media and other online marketing

Aug 30, 2014 · 2 min read

The key to success with social media and other online marketing -- Made In Helmikuu

Often I see people using social media and web in general in a certain way: They post things and wait for stuff to happen. In reality if you build it they will come is rarely the case. Unless you have a fan base to start with no-one will even know about that thing you posted. Or at least very few will know about them. Etsy is filled with shops that never gain any sales and the items aren't ever even favourited. Many post their information on professional directories and expect the directory to make them popular and highly visible. And there's always that frustration when an update on Facebook or Twitter lacks of engagement. Your various platforms, such as Etsy, Facebook, Twitter or that professional directory can only do so much. Their promotion is always seen as "evil marketing which doesn't affect me". It's something people will decide to ignore. When the promotion is by you, a person on a personal level, it becomes something else. It becomes personal.

Any content created by you needs to be promoted by you. You need to tell about your Etsy shop and the items you sell. You need to tell you have a Facebook page for anyone to find your page. You need to tell you are on Twitter so that we can follow you. You have to tell about your profile on that professional directory so that your profile will become noticed. Even SEO efforts, such as using the right keywords, adding the correct meta fields and using structured data markup is pretty futile if there are no links back to the content from elsewhere. It is your job to create those links. Of course the best case scenario is that others will start promoting your shop, your Tweets, your profile, your blog posts and so forth. It however is not likely to happen at first, not before you yourself give it the first, and in many cases the second and third push.

The key to success is your own activity. The key to success is that you will yourself become active and will keep on promoting how ever long it takes. It may feel desperate, it may even feel icky. But if you cannot get over the icky and desperate, how do you think anyone else is going to get over it? There are no shortcuts and there are no overnight successes, not really. There's lots of work for you yourself to do.

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