So, did you actually read it?

Mar 08, 2014 · 2 min read

So, did you actually read it? -- the tasselflower blog

Once again it happened: Someone read my last blog post and got upset about it. Well, read and read. They kind of read half of it, made assumptions and didn't give the text a chance to tell the full story. I received an angry and awful email.

Most people online don't bother to read articles through. They bounce around, check the headlines and skim the texts. It appears that most share links without really reading the content they are sharing. This of course doesn't always lead to the situation I described above.

I often see comments on blog posts and web articles that have very little or nothing to do with the content of the post. It is clear the commenter hasn't either read the text they are commenting or didn't take a moment to think what it meant. Jumping to conclusions is the way to go.

Controversial, "loud" and often rather misleading headlines are the spawn and the reason. Even the most serious news sources are going more and more into the shallow end with titles that shake you more than the actual content would. The blogging professionals tell you to make sure the title of your post is something that catches the eye. It will lure in lots of people who won't really take the time to read the text.

I understand this. It has to do with the amount of information you and I receive every day. The amount is overwhelming. With that in mind who could blame the person for skimming the text or trusting only the screaming headlines.

So, did you actually read it?


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