Automating things with IFTTT

Dec 07, 2013 · 2 min read

Automating things with IFTTT -- the tasselflower blog

I may be a bit late for the party, but I have just found the joys of IFTTT. Sure I had heard about the service before, stumbled upon the site too, but never done anything with it.

Today my curiosity took over and I decided to create an account and check this thing out. It looks promising.

IFTTT is like any of those automation tools there used to be and much more. With it you can automate your blog posts to be shared around your social media accounts, the iOS photos to be uploaded to for instance your Dropbox on the fly, emails to be sent when someone shares a photo on Instagram (you old stalker, you) and much more.

There are 75 different channels to mix your "recipes" with. And there's plenty of ready made recipes to choose from, if you need help and encouragement.

The channels include the usual social media things, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, WordPress, Foursquare and whatnot. Additionally you can make recipes with your Etsy, Dropbox, regular email, Gmail, iOS photos, contacts and reminders, Google Calendar and hey, phone calls and SMS too. Some of these services you can have only one account of each activated at a time, but apparently the folks are working to get around this. RSS feeds aren't limited, you can add any feed you like in any recipe of yours.

At a first glance the service seems a bit overwhelming. Because of all the channels and all the variations you can create with them there's so much. I started with some basics, like replacing my current routes. Oh and I'm trying that thing with iOS photos going straight to my Dropbox. Besides those I will be now sharing all my new listings on Etsy on Tumblr as photo posts.

Needless to say not everything needs to be automated. Like say scheduling or automating all of your Tweets can backfire and badly and at least it's annoying as hell.

When I press Submit I hope my recipes will work. Holding my breath!


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