Night owls, it's time to step up

Sep 11, 2013 · 3 min read

Night Sky, Moon

Early bird catches the worm is total bullshit. Besides, who wants the worm when you can be an owl and get the bigger game?

This is how we night owls need to start to see the world. The problem is that currently everyone is expected to be up and ready early at morning, earlier the better. And to be all perky and ready to answer difficult questions or learn new things.

This is because we night owls are stuck with the expectations of early birds. If you google morning person you'll find soon articles that will help you to "become one". Yikes!

You cannot really become a morning person

Back in time, during school and right after it I used to wake up early in the morning and tried to get to sleep early at night. It didn't work. I was horribly doozy at mornings and didn't get to sleep until late late after everyone else at home where already sleeping.

I thought there was something wrong with me. It turns out I'm just built that way and I cannot become an early bird.

There's nothing wrong with being a night owl. Unfortunately we are made to feel there's something wrong with us and it would be better to change. That's most likely why we are often also unhappy and stressed out.

I mean, wouldn't it stress you out, morning person, if you had to wake up and go to sleep later than you really felt like? What if you had to work at night, instead of your "normal" office hours? I'm sure you'd be very unhappy after a while.

It's very stressful to try and live in a daily rhythm that doesn't feel natural to you. Additionally you must always be alert with what you say in order not to seem like an abnormal person. I cannot count the times I've said something like this: "No, no, it's okay you called me at 9 am. I wasn't sleeping."

Yeah, I was.

How to fix this

The first thing for fixing the situation is that us, the night owls, need to start seeing ourselves as normal people. That's how the morning persons see themselves and they aren't any more (or less) normal than us. We are equals.

It's okay not to feel very productive at morning. It's okay to tell that I want to have the meeting at evening (cause that's when I'm awake). It's okay to work at the middle of the night, cause that's when I do my best stuff.

The second thing is starting to make the morning birds to see what they do wrong (from our point of view). If someone calls you while you are sleeping you must tell them so and not to tell some silly lie. You can also tell them when they can call you.

Sure, others may see you as a weirdo, but that's their problem.

Photo by Ruthanne Reid under Creative Commons license.


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