Making friends with a simple note of sweet gratitude

Sep 11, 2013 · 2 min read

30 Days of Gratitude- Day 15

Last week I wrote about why I switched from MailChimp to Mad Mimi. It was an honest text about my troubles with MailChimp and why I thought Mad Mimi would serve me better.

A little less than a week passed and an email landed my inbox. Someone called Dean sent me a short note titled "You're awesome".

When I opened the email I soon noticed it was from one of the Mad Mimi owners telling me he'd found and read my post and was very happy about it. He wanted to say thank you and additionally urged me to contact in case I had any questions or thoughts to share.

In the end he asked if it would be okay to share my post through their social networks. Well, for sure!

I was already doing good with Mad Mimi. Sure I've had my moments of struggle, especially when I'm used to the MailChimp logic, but mostly I've found the service very easy to use. But this simple note of gratitude made me very happy and wanting to keep on with the service.

First of all I didn't get some soulless copy+paste, but a short and personal message. It made me feel I had been heard and I would also in future be heard if I needed.

The email was very flattering too. I felt special and as I had done something good.

In your business reaching out can be the best thing to do. When someone does something good for you, like writes a nice blog post about you or your services and products, thank them. When they share your blog post on Twitter or Facebook, show your gratitude. When they write a kind comment on your blog post, try and pay the favour back.

A simple note of gratitude can give you a huge advance compared to those who don't pay any attention. Be sweet and show your appreciation!

Photo by Louise Docker under Creative Commons license.


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