Building your web presence: Patience, consistency, your voice and the overall look

Aug 23, 2013 · 2 min read


Today every other cat has a blog, fictional characters are Tweeting and there are Facebook pages dedicated to woolen socks. Being noticed online is getting harder and harder.

Building a strong web presence requires work. It's done with patience, consistency and you'll need to shine with your own voice. Besides that the look of your presence must be recognizable.

1. Patience

To get seen online takes time. Search engines aren't going to add your content or get it on the first page immediately.

Some are resorting to drastic measures to get there faster. They are trying to get noticed at any cost, never mind regretting it later.

Getting there takes time. You will need to keep patiently working on your web presence in order to be noticed.

2. Consistency

I admit not to be a poster girl of consistency. I take long breaks without blogging, Tweeting, sharing on Facebook and Google+, posting photos on Instagram and all of that. And I know it's a mistake.

Besides being patient with your efforts you need to be consistent.

Year 2012 I multiplied my blog reader amount and next year there was even more. One of the reasons was that I added certain consistency to my blog.

I created a couple weekly series, which made sure there would be something new on the blog at least once a week (twice, even better).

Search engines are also picky about how often content is updated. Regular updating of your blog, for instance, will make it seem more interesting for search.

3. Your own voice

Copying the way others do it isn't the way to go. Making yourself sound like that-person-you-think-does-it-great will make you only a cheap copy.

Finding your voice is one of the main building blocks of your web presence. It makes you stand up from the crowd and more likely to be noticed.

The online success has a lot to do in how strongly you can show your own personality through the content. Sometimes the personality even overdrives actual talent.

4. The overall look

Web is very visual these days. Blogs are filled with photos, many people are making videos instead of podcasts (though podcasts are having a good time now too) and you are expected to show your face alongside your words.

The overall look therefore is a big part of your web presence. Don't forget the content, but add it to a easily recognizable look.

In a similar way you can be recognized from a distance of how you dress and keep your hair, your different web presences can be recognized with a quick glance from how they look.

Of course part of your look is the photo of you. Complete anonymity can be an effective way to go, but even then using an easily recognizable image or logo is good way to go.


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