Easy ways to find new blog post ideas

Oct 05, 2012 · 2 min read

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Sometimes we all run out of subjects to blog about. And sometimes it seems like everything has already been blogged. Maybe your blog feels like an abandoned Western movie town. No worries, I know a couple of easy ways to come up with new blog post ideas that will drive the traffic (back) to your blog!

  1. Check your site statistics - Check which content on your blog is most popular according to the Google Analytics (or where ever your site's statistics are hiding). Can you write something new about that same subject? Perhaps you could revisit the subject from a new point of view. Don't forget to also see which search queries have brought folks to your site and on which search queries your blog posts are appearing as results.
  2. Reply to something someone else wrote about - Do you have a new or just plain different point of view to something someone else wrote about? In addition to commenting at their blog, write your own version of the subject on your own blog (no plagiarism is tolerated). There are always as many sides to the story as there are those to tell it. Oh, and I don't mean you have to oppose this other person's writing. You can as well give more reasons to agree with them. Add a link to the post or article your are "replying" to.
  3. Try something new - Try doing something new in your life. Get a new hobby or just plain try knitting for a week. Physical exercise is a great way to get ideas flowing. You can write about this new thing in your life, but new (fun) things also give you other new ideas.
  4. Search for blog post ideas - If you google "blog post ideas" you'll get so many results with so many ideas you could write several posts every day without running out of ideas very soon. Check out Ten blog post ideas and Five blog post ideas for showing your personality. I've also listed some good resources for finding blog post ideas.

Do you have a perfect way to come up with new blog post ideas or did you try one of these? How did it work for you? Do share your thoughts with all of us on the comments!

Photo by Ramunas Geciauskas under Creative Commons license.


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