Let your online presence evolve

Aug 31, 2012 · 2 min read


What's great about web is everything is (or at least can be) constantly evolving. Nothing is ever ready. Nothing is ever done. And that's good.

Your website design doesn't have to be completely ready when it's been published. You can keep reorganizing your Pinterest boards if you don't feel they work for you anymore after a while.

Made a mistake? Fix it as soon as possible. Say you are sorry and tell what happened. Move on and let everyone else to move on as well. (Tweet this quote)

The moving and changing nature of web gives you a freedom of developing your presence all the time. Every and each one of your blog posts, Tweets and status updates build your brand.

There's always people who want things to remain the same. It's their problem, isn't it? It's okay to change the way you present yourself, if it feels natural to you.

You aren't the same person you were a year ago. You aren't the same person you were five years or ten years ago. Things have happened in your life, things have happened in the whole world. Those things have changed your views, the way you are and the way you feel.

You evolve, the web evolves (technically and semantically) and other people evolve. Therefore you need to let your online presence evolve as well.

Suomeksi (In Finnish): 

Verkossa mikään ei ole koskaan valmista. Ja se on just hienoa. Kaikki kehittyy jatkuvasti. Sivustosi uuden ulkoasun ei tarvitse olla ihan valmis julkaistessa. Teitkö virheen? Korjaa se, pyydä anteeksi ja jatka eteen päin. Sinulla on vapaus muokata ja kehittää sitä miltä "näytät" verkossa. Et ole sama henkilö kuin vuosi sitten. Mielipiteesi, sinä itse ja jopa tunteesi eri asioiden suhteen ovat muuttuneet. Anna siis verkkopresenssisikin kehittyä.


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