Cure for social media exhaustion

Jul 27, 2012 · 2 min read


Do you ever get that feeling you want to close all your social media accounts, stop blogging and throw your computer out of the window? Well, maybe I'm exaggerating now. However I'm guessing you unfortunately know that feeling of being tired, bored and frustrated with all the sharing, pinning, plussing and Tweeting. The social media exhaustion.

I know that feeling. And I know a cure for it. Or a way out of it, if that sounds more appropriate. I have noticed that each time I get to this point, changing something helps.

Be sure to really want the change. Due to all the changes those who have grown to expect certain things from you may bail. It must be okay to you that things will change more than you guessed.

There's an upside there too. As some of your audience may run away because of your change, you are likely to make new contacts in the process as well. New fresh contacts.

What can you change then? Well, pretty much anything. Tweet more or Tweet less than usual. Find new people to follow (and rid yourself of some of the old ones at the same time). Get a new theme for your blog. Post to your blog at different times and different days. Change your routines, your content, your style. Find something new to share, something new to say. Something that isn't your usual thing.

Photo by Gavin Schaefer under Creative Commons license.

Suomeksi (In Finnish): 

Joskus kaikki tämä jakaminen ja viestiminen muuttuu suorastaan ahdistavaksi. Tulee someuupumus. Someuupumukseen on kuitenkin parannus. Tai paremminkin keino ulos siitä. Se keino on muutos. Ole varma, että haluat muutosta. Se saattaa koitua suuremmaksi kuin arvasitkaan. Saatat menettää osan yleisöstäsi ja kontakteistasi. Tosin samalla todennäköisesti saat uusia, raikkaita kontakteja. Uudista blogisi ulkoasu. Muuta mitä teet, mitä jaat, mitä bloggaat, mitä viestit ja kenelle viestit. Vaihda rutiinejasi, sisältöäsi ja tyyliäsi. Löydä jotakin uutta ja erilaista jaettavaa ja sanottavaa.

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