Hello, I'm Mervi Eskelinen

An artist, geek girl, marketer, designer, web developer, consultant and coach devoted to help you to be undeniable.

Born somewhere in rural Finland, at a place called Maaninka, partially raised by a cat (he tried, at least), I learned to secretly believe in faeries and other creatures of the forest.

I've always been a dreamer. I've always wanted to do things differently. The conventional and traditional has never suited me. I have too many interests and skills to be a narrow specialist. That all has made me realise the common 9 to 5 just isn't for everyone.

Which is why I work to build my own online realm, and want to help you to craft yours.

What does an Online Presence Strategist do?

An Online Presence Strategist helps you and your business to thrive. Comprehensive work with businesses online includes everything from branding and web design, to social media updates and search engine optimisation (SEO). It is a perfect mix of inbound and outbound marketing, such as blog posts, emails, podcasts, videos, and advertisement. An Online Presence Strategist has a wide understanding of online technologies, phenomenons and interaction. I can help you to apply that understanding to your website, social media, ads, and other parts of your online presence. I coach, consult, and offer tailored hands-on help.

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My origin story

In 1994, for my 13th birthday, I was given my first computer. It was a used 386, Intel inside, running Windows 3.11. I toyed around it most of my free time. Four years later, during Finnish high-school lukio, I made my first website at GeoCities. After graduating from lukio, I moved to Helsinki, our capital city. I like to say I'm an urban country girl.

I've been a web designer and developer for almost two decades. At first it was a hobby. Soon, alongside my first real job, I was neck deep in making, tweaking, fixing and updating websites. I built my first blogging content management systems from scratch, thus familiarising myself with databases, coding and design. For a moment I studied computer science before switching to digital media.

During my studies I became a freelance web designer and developer. The studies consisted of courses in design, development, production, scriptwriting and audiovisual studies. I wrote my thesis about utilising social media in business-to-business marketing. 2010 I was slapped with a degree, Bachelor of Culture and Arts. Since then I have been crafting websites, social media and marketing for various types of customers and, of course, for my own businesses.

In the beginning of 2017 I moved from hands-on design and development to more educational and information based work. Now I consult and coach businesses on utilising their online presences to become distinguished and grow.

Through two decades of experience and education, I have grown into a multi-talent of online presences and businesses. Today, in addition to my degree in digital media, I am a certified marketer. I add branding, web design, social media, search engine optimisation (SEO), user experience management, email lists, marketing and personality in a colourful mix. It's kind of like making magic potions.

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