Keep on dreaming

Creativity is an act of forming something new and valuable. It may be something non-physical or abstract like an idea, piece of music or a theory, or concrete like a piece of art, a book or knitted shirt. It requires imagination, ability to make connections and find patterns, and to create solutions.

Hot air balloon -- Mervi Emilia Eskelinen

This is the time for dreamers, multitalented, designers and artists, small businesses, craft makers, knitters, bloggers, infopreneurs, influencers, coaches, freelancers and other creative types. You don't want to just make tons of money, while destroying the nature and yourself in the process. You want your work to have a purpose, to make a change, and to build a better future for everyone. All this while having the time to dream and enjoy all the aspects of life.

I want to help you to utilise your online presence for marketing your creativity, and build a creative business that supports your life. Together we will add creativity, business stuff, websites, social media, search engine optimisation (SEO), branding, marketing and personality in a colourful magic potion.

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