On Friday I wrote about Facebook advertising and boosting posts. It reminded me of the subject on how many people actually see your or your page's posts on Facebook. You might think everyone who are... Keep reading →


I was checking my emails and clicked on a link of this newsletter for which I had signed up a while back. The link brought me to the article as intended and then like a slap on my face an overlay... Keep reading →


Web is so much more than just photos or videos. All this talk about Visual Web and how videos are the way to go is so sad. It's sad for it always seem like there's no room for anything but visual... Keep reading →


Today a client of a previous web development project sent me a question: How can I get my website on the top 3 of Google search results? I squirmed, hit my head on the wall and went overall... Keep reading →


Remember that site of Tuesday called cu·te·ta·pe? The site has been redesigned and it looks pretty great. Still going with Drupal, which makes me happy. Recently CuteTape on Instagram held a... Keep reading →


Do you remember #weekwtass Instagram photo challenge? A little while ago one of my IG friends Lana Kecovich asked if I was bringing this weekly challenge back. I said I might. Well, here's a little... Keep reading →