Today every other cat has a blog, fictional characters are Tweeting and there are Facebook pages dedicated to woolen socks. Being noticed online is getting harder and harder. Building a strong web... Keep reading →

23.08.2013 - 17:54

And again I decided to change things around the blog and my work site. This new look has been waiting to get finalized and published since July and I think it's worth the wait. Both sites have the... Keep reading →

23.08.2013 - 02:27

Recently I did a bit of research for a web store project. The web store I'm building is yet to be published, but here are some of the prettiest web stores I found while benchmarking them. #1 CuCuu... Keep reading →

23.06.2013 - 23:39

I'm exited to announce Home+Work a very new site for anyone who works from home or anywhere outside the regular office! Home+Work is for you who works or wants to work from home or wherever you are... Keep reading →

13.06.2013 - 16:54

Sometimes when you design something before all the content is created, there's need for dummy text to fill the text space. Writing bla bla bla doesn't really do it and often you need longer chunks... Keep reading →

07.06.2013 - 22:31

Are you posting images online? To your blog and different services all over the place. Some of them are your profile photos. The silliest thing you can do is not to name your image files. What I... Keep reading →

29.05.2013 - 16:17
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