It's been almost twenty years since my last French lesson. I wasn't a very motivated student, for many reasons. I had personal issues that were gradually killing my enthusiasm in learning. And the... Keep reading →

Sep 07, 2017

"Twitter threads are like hard to read blog posts. I miss blogs." I know, they are hard to read. Annoying. I often skip them, because I use Tweetbot and it doesn't fare well with threads. It can... Keep reading →

Sep 01, 2017

Too often I see websites created just because. Just because everyone else has one. Just because someone said it's good for marketing. Just because. Those websites generally fail to generate traffic... Keep reading →

Jun 28, 2017

Planning to have a run? It's raining, best to wait for a better weather. And then it's sunny, but too warm. Best to wait for a cooler weather. Then it's too cold and windy. Best to wait. Really, it's... Keep reading →

Jun 19, 2017

After I had received the payment of a big project I did, I had plans. Some personal purchases. A new iPhone adapter to use with my tripod and to replace the broken part of my selfie stick. Some... Keep reading →

Mar 25, 2017

I started to write a post about showing humanity, being authentic, being human. But on the way my emphasis changed. I know that being human comes with the dark sides. Sometimes it's very human to... Keep reading →

Feb 19, 2017