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You know what's the most important part of your blog post SEO? It's easy. The blog post itself. Anything else is decoration and bonus. The content is where you must put most of your effort, if you... Keep reading →

13.09.2016 - 18:18

Optimising your blog posts for people optimises them for search engines. When your users are happy, the search engines are happy too. One thing, that is increasingly important for your readers, is... Keep reading →

30.08.2016 - 04:26

While I'm not a huge fan of the overvisualised web, it's hard to deny the need for using images within your blog posts. Which is why you may already be stuffing your blog posts with photos,... Keep reading →

23.08.2016 - 01:39

A few years ago links were considered as the most important search ranking factor. Due to many algorithmic changes, that were made after people started to game search engines, the value of links has... Keep reading →

15.08.2016 - 13:14

One of the latest big hits in current search engine optimisation (and advertisement) is utilising long tail keywords. Most recently bloggers have waken up to using long tail keywords in optimising... Keep reading →

08.08.2016 - 17:05

Whether you are a new blogger or an older one, you have stumbled upon lots of well meaning blogging tips. The advice, or rather rules, are given to you so that you can improve your blog, get more... Keep reading →

29.06.2015 - 02:43