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Some of my Spotify playlists:
Sweatpant Party
Pops -- the tasselflower blog
One Night Stand
Tell It To My Heart
Smells Like Teen Spirit

It's the Mother's Day and I made this little video for my mom. * Drawing and video by Mervi Eskelinen * Music by Dan-O at Äidille - For Mom on Vimeo.


Friends of Mine (2009) by Hugh Dillon. All the Pops are added to the Pops -- the tasselflower blog Spotify list. Last week on the tasselflower blog (eg. Weekly Wrapup) Day 12: Music (#BlogFlash2013... Keep reading →


Music plays big part in our lives. From birth to the death we are surrounded by music. We are always involved in it, listening, singing, playing. Your musical taste appears to be much more important... Keep reading →


It's already March here in Finland and here comes the FREE calendar. The previous calendars have been a success. Thank you! In order to make sure you don't need a high quality color printer for the... Keep reading →


It's believed this begun with Romans who celebrated Juno and Pan around mid-February. It was a celebration of fertility. This was before the Christians came along with their two Valentine's. Here in... Keep reading →


Today, February 6, is my 32nd birthday. Each year I have more and more trouble of remembering how old I actually am. I need to count and even then I don't really believe the truth. Since I don't... Keep reading →