On Facebook and Google+ I've noticed a trend of sharing and resharing as much as humanly can. Every funny pic, every deep quote, every single thing you stumble upon with must be shared. My timelines... Keep reading →


I guess everyone has obsessions. Sometimes they are worse, sometimes there's lots of them and sometimes they are small ones, nothing that bad. There are people who say they never get obsessed about... Keep reading →


Whole my life I've been encouraged to draw and paint and do crafts. It's something that my family does. Giving a non-selfmade birthday card to a family member is considered as almost an insult. So I... Keep reading →


Autumn, syksy in Finnish, is here. Some days are bright, sunny and somewhat warm. Most days are rainy or humid, chilly and grey. Not much inspiration to go for a run. What I really love about autumn... Keep reading →


I don't have that many followers on Instagram. Not a popular kid around there, you know. So up until lately my photos have received quite a little buzz if any. Up until lately, when I started to do... Keep reading →


I can get pretty wound up and being all relaxed is tough for me. That's most likely why it takes me such a long time to get in sleep. My mind is roaming around and I remember stuff I *should* do.... Keep reading →