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07.02.2017 - 19:37 · 2 min read

This week Shared Spaces checks into the current state of marketing. I've collected a list of links about overused marketing buzzwords on LinkedIn profiles, improving your e-commerce store with a couple of easy things, optimising Facebook ads, and using the new events calendar for Twitter ads. I also added a link to the problems with marketing degrees and how agencies can fix them. All links open in the same window, as they should.

Shared Spaces: Marketing today -- Mervi Emilia

LinkedIn reveals the 10 most overused marketing buzzwords on CVs and profiles by John McCarthy
Can you guess which are the most overused marketing buzzwords in LinkedIn profiles? The list begins with Strategic, Creative and Specialised, and features such pearls as Expert and Passionate. Check the full list and see which ones you are using.

Easy Marketing Investments to Improve Your E-Commerce Store by Kane Jamison
Before getting into the more advanced marketing with your e-commerce, here are some easy and important things to do first: Improve your product descriptions and photography, add videos and collections, and upgrade how you collect the customer reviews. Read this article for the full improvements to do.

5 Surprising Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Ads by Christina Newberry
Are you utilising Pixel, carousel format, automated captioning tool and more for your Facebook ads? Don't know about surprising, but here are some ways to optimise your ads for better performance, more sales and less spending.

Twitter's New Feature Gives Marketers Critical Data to Know Exactly When to Tweet by John White
If you are buying ads on Twitter, you can now use a new events calendar to stay aware of global events that are somehow relevant to your brand. This gives you a way to potentially leverage those events in your ad campaigns.

Why I Wouldn’t Get a Marketing Degree Today by Chris Chang
There's a growing disconnect between marketing related education and practice. Chris Chang thinks marketing agencies can fix this by teaching more, applying more importance and structure to internships, and hiring people with education in sociology and creative writing.

Next week, more interesting links!

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