Week in review: Boost and control

Feb 16, 2015 · 2 min read

Week in review: Boost and control -- Made In Helmikuu

Another week, another review. Last week I blogged some, shared some links and made another test in boosting a post on Facebook.

Tuesday I published a preview of a little ebook I'm writing for my email list. I shared it along a song, Make Your Own Kind of Music by Mama Cass. I've been thinking about this followers/leaders thing for a while and I don't agree there are only those two kinds of us around. Speaking of my email list, I asked them to answer a simple multiple choice question about what sort of things they'd like to read on my emails. I also asked that they could write me with their wishes and thoughts and one response rendered me wordless. This person wrote they like my emails because they aren't that usual superficial and trivial filler stuff some bloggers do. That I've got my heart in it.

The test on boosting a post on Facebook went on after I wrote a piece about taking control over your online presence. I boosted the post for about two days with a grand amount of 4 Euros, which is less than 5 USD. Besides boosting the reach of the post on Fb I managed to gain lots of extra visits on my blog and a couple of likes on the post itself. For the amount I spent it was pretty good. Another way to boost your reach online is to host giveaways. Amazon now lets bloggers host giveaways. You just need to select a prize from Amazon, set up the giveaway and purchase the prize and then you'll get a link to share. More information can be found on their site.. Sounds like an interesting idea, I'd like to hear if anyone has tested it.

On Twitter I shared a little post about pros and cons of using WYSIWYG editors for building websites. Very good points. I myself obviously build websites by writing the code, thus have more flexibility and control on the outcome.

I've noticed that lots of people come to this blog to find out how to get rid of spam on Instagram. There's an old article about removing spam comments, but now I wrote a new one about how you can avoid and remove spam on Instagram. Someone on Instagram already gave me a nice feedback about the article, so check it out if you have spam issues around there.

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