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Merged -- Made In Helmikuu

Last night I worked until around 5 AM to merge my blog and work site. As a result the blog is now also Made In Helmikuu. You can find it, the extras, my portfolio and information about my services easily from the same site. Due to this change I also changed the blog post urls, but the old ones will redirect to the new addresses. Additionally all the urls of are now pointed to The blog is on it's on section on the site and the front page is concentrated to my web design stuff. I'll add other things there as soon as possible, but right now that's that.

I haven't quite decided what I'll do about my separate Facebook pages. There's also the questions about if and how I'll bring tasselflower crafts as part of Made In Helmikuu. It would make sense though, don't you think?

It's a fair question to ask how my blog got separate from the work stuff in the first place. Actually was originally intended to be kind of a portal for Toni an me. However in time Toni has gotten less interested in maintaining a site himself and the domain became mostly mine. Thus I took the front page over to create my own portfolio and something for potential clients. As I already had the blog on the subdomain so in kind of stuck and I didn't feel like doing this overhaul.

The reason why the whole process took some time is that there were too many moving parts. By moving parts I mean the both sites included different sorts of content and of course had different address structure. I had to first fix the blog post urls and then bring the rest of the content together. Eventually I just exported and imported some of the content from the work site to the blog site and moved the blog site to I wanted to also clear the structure on the server so I couldn't just create redirection or rewrites, but I actually moved the files from a folder to another and messed with the database. This caused things to break in so many ways and it took some time to do all the troubleshooting.

Anyways things appear to be mostly working. I'm still not sure what to do with the Weblove-section since I don't want to overcrowd the menu (there's already one too many links there in my opinion). And there are still minor annoyances I'm tweaking.

In case you have a blogroll I'd appreciate if you could update it. In case you follow the blog with a feedreader it might be a good idea to update the feed url too. I'm not sure how the redirection of that will be handled and the old feed may stop serving sooner or later.

Carry on!


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