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Day 9: Spring (#BlogFlash2013)

13.03.2013 - 15:43


She knew what it meant when all that water started to flow down the hill. Spring was finally there. After the long, cold winter the snow would finally go away.

It reminded her of what would be. The warm nights, when the sun wouldn't really go down. The birds singing, insects buzzing and fuzzing.

The first thing would be small patches of green. First green, then some yellow. A little bit of blue maybe. Mother's garden would come alive, every day a new plant would show up. Sleepy after being buried under the snow for such a long time. Shy in case there would be more cold coming up.

She was careful not to let water in her rubber boots, while she made her way up the flooding hill. She imagined it was a river with small ponds on it's way.

Photo by me.

This is part of #BlogFlash2013 challenge of 21 Days, 21 Prompts, 21 Posts.

#BlogFlash2013: 21 Days, 21 Prompts, 21 Posts

Thank you for reading Day 9: Spring (#BlogFlash2013). What do you think? Do tell!

Mervi's picture

I'm Mervi Emilia Eskelinen, an artist, and a multi-talent of web visibility and branding from Finland. I help indie businesses, freelancers and bloggers to stand out online. I have 18 years of experience and a formal education in everything about web design and development, branding and online marketing.

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15 comments for "Day 9: Spring (#BlogFlash2013)"

Donna L. Sadd's picture

That's pretty Mervi, all the little sensations that Spring brings! :0)

Mervi's picture

Thank you Donna! It'smbased on my own childhood memories.

Carlie Cullen's picture

I wondered if it was based on your childhood. I love the imagery of the buds peeping through the thawing snow. Lovely post!

Mervi's picture

Thank you Carlie! Yes, my home place is on a hillside. Every spring the forrest behind our house used to (I'm guessing it still does, but I'm not there usually to see that) turn into a stream of water, all the snow melting away.

The picture above is from my home place, last spring. One of mom's flowers, I believe it's called common hepatica in English.

jeannine's picture

Your post makes me dream from spring even more. We had just a little taste of spring last week. But then winter hit on us once more this year. Snow and cold all around and that is rare in march for our little country. Well i guess we have to wait a little longer for flowers and green to come out. To become a little touch of spring i have put some branches of forsythia inside and they are already blooming in bright yellow.
greetings from Belgium

Mervi's picture

Jeannine, thank you for stopping by and commenting. We have a full winter here in Finland. Snow and freezing cold.

Linda Ulleseit's picture

So lovely! Spring is still pretty with no snow, but it doesn't quite seem to have the relief-after-winter feeling that spring in a snowy place brings.


Mervi's picture

Thank you Linda! That must be true, spring has a very different meaning and feeling after a long, snowy and cold winter than when there's none of that.

Aria Glazki's picture

This is so hopeful! Very nice.

Mervi's picture

Thank you Aria!

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Terri Giuliano Long's picture

Beautiful! I love the idea of the shyness. Wonderful imagery!

Mervi's picture

Thank you Terri! It was fun to write, very personal to me. :)

Kimberly Gould's picture

I think my favourite colour is the yellow-green of a brand new leaf.

Mervi's picture

It's a beautiful color!

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