Show a DETAIL on the Instagram challenge #weekwtass

03.12.2012 · 1 min read

Detail - Instagram challenge #weekwtass Dec 2 - 8 2012 via the tasselflower blog

This week we'll look into DETAIL on Instagram. Tiny details, bigger details. Simple details, complex details. Colorful and monotone details. The challenge is open for all, so don't hesitate to drop your details to the pool.

It's easy! Do this Dec 2 - 8 2012, eg. before next Sunday:
[1] Take photos to fit the theme of the week, DETAIL. Please use only your own photos/images.
[2] Upload the photos to your Instagram account.
[3] Tag the photos #weekwtass (write #weekwtass on the caption/comments of each photo).
[4] Check the other #weekwtass entries, comment and like them.

You can follow me, @merviemiliacom, on Instagram. It's NOT a requirement for joining the challenge, but I recommend it. Each Sunday I'll post the challenge on my account as well as on this blog. And each week I give shoutouts for those who take part on the challenge.

If you don't currently use Instagram, you can check the #weekwtass entries on Webbygram.


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