Why the first impression matters

Aug 22, 2012 · 2 min read

Have you noticed how most or at least a big bunch of people who come to your blog leave instantly? Often they come through search or other sites, take a look and storm off. They won't even have time to skim through your latest blog post, so what's wrong then?

Content is what brings people back to your blog. It makes them stay and it makes them share. Content is the most important thing on and about your blog.

However there's another more important thing when you try and get the new people to come in and read your excellent content. It's the first impression.

The first impression doesn't come from your content, no matter how great it is. The headers may matter some, but at for the first impression the most important thing is how your blog looks for the potential reader.

"For the perfect first impression, make your blog attractive." Tweet this

The design must be pleasant and engaging, alluring the newcomers and complementing the content. Including how the banners and ads look.

For creating the good first impression the images in the content help as well. "Wait! Didn't you say the content doesn't matter?" Yes I did! I meant the text or video content.

If you use photos or other images in the content, make sure they are great quality, interesting and plain pretty. Make sure they are displayed beautifully on your blog and they fit the blogs overall style and the other content. They will draw the undecided browsers in.

Pro tip: Test your blog on different screen sizes and resolutions (basically narrow is better than too wide), different devices (including smartphones and tablets) and different browsers (start with Firefox, Chrome and Opera).

Suomeksi (In Finnish): 

Ensivaikutelma, jonka blogisi antaa, on tärkeä. Sen avulla houkuttelet uudet lukijat lukemaan blogisi sisältöä. Sisältö on tärkein, kun haluat lukijoiden tulevan takaisin ja osallistuvan blogiisi. Ensivaikutelman kuitenkin luot lähinnä blogin ulkoasulla. Sivuston tyyli, fontit, värit, kuvat ja jopa mainokset luovat kokonaisvaikutelman, jonka avulla uudet tulokkaat tekevät nopean päätöksen siitä haluavatko he tutustua sisältöön.


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Why the first impression matters Tweet this

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