Twitter Tuesday: 3 simple ways to get more followers

07.08.2012 - 16:46 · 3 min read

"… itty-bitty living space."

Getting more followers on Twitter requires effort, unless you are a celebrity of some sort. There are a couple of "magical" ways to get them, like following tons of folks and expecting them to follow you back. One of my favorite types are those who follow you and when you follow them back they unfollow you immediately. Buying followers is an excellent way not to get any real followers. Extensive use of hashtags is a great way to get spam accounts to follow you.

Instead of taking these easy and highly not recommended ways, try working for it. Here are three simple, yet time taking, ways to grow your following base.

1. Reach out

The first and best way to gain more followers is to be active yourself. Reaching out to others and communicating with them is the way to go.

If you hope someone will follow you back, don't just sit there waiting. ReTweet and even favorite their tweets, go to their website and Tweet their content (remember to @mention them too), @reply them and so forth. Needless to say spamming isn't cool. True communication instead is.

Offer help, be nice and polite, answer the questions they post and reply to their personal Tweets as well. Showing interest to the others is the best way to get them interested in you.

2. Add variation

So you are a serious business person. Or perhaps you are that social media go-to person. Thus you Tweet only about the serious business stuff or social media. In addition you Tweet only links, cause you are so serious. It's okay to be interested in several subjects and show interest in them.

Stop that all right now and start adding variation to your Tweets. People like to communicate with people and you need to show your account isn't only an automated link feed. Throw in Tweets about what you are actually doing right now, who you are hanging with. And of course, @reply and communicate with others.

It will be refreshing for you also to add the variation. This way you might accidentally get in talks with people outside your usual business. There's a whole world out there!

3. Repeat: "Quality over quantity!"

So it's not all about gaining more followers. It's about getting followers who are actually interested about your stuff. If you have thousands of followers who are following you for gaining more followers or just for being polite, you aren't helping them and they aren't helping you.

The other thing about less is more is you don't need to flood your followers with links and quotes. Yes, quantity is one way to gain more followers. More of those who won't be communicating with you. Nor they will be really interested in your Tweets.

If you make sure the followers you already have get what they came there for and if you make sure you don't spam them to death, you will gain even more followers like them. Why? Because those followers are following you for the quality, not for the quantity. And they are more likely to be actually interested in your Tweets, rather just wanting to yell their own agenda to you.

Do you have ideas how to get more followers without resorting to cheap tricks? Tell me and all the others in the comments section below. In case you want more tips and ideas, check out the whole Twitter Tuesday -series.

Photo by JD Hancock under Creative Commons license.

Suomeksi (In Finnish): 

Sen sijaan, että käyttäisit halpoja keinoja uusien seuraajien (follower) saamiseksi, tässä kolme yksinkertaista, mutta aikaavievää jippoa. Yllä englanniksi vähän tarkemmin. 1. Ole aktiivinen ja ota itse yhteyttä. Vastaa viesteihin, ReTweettaa ja niin edelleen. 2. Lisää variaatiota viesteihisi (aka. älä jaa vain linkkejä ja varsinkaan vain yhdestä aiheesta). Voit olla kiinnostunut useammasta kuin vain yhdestä aiheesta. 3. Muista laatu ennen määrää. Tarvitsetko kaikkia niitä seuraajia, joita ei oikeasti kiinnosta mitä viestit? Ja sinun ei myöskään tarvitse viestiä minuutin välein, vähemmälläkin osoitat olevasi mielenkiintoinen. Alla voit kertoa omia vinkkejäsi.


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