How to: Pinterest friendly blog images

Jul 06, 2012 · 2 min read

How to: Pinterest friendly blog images by tasselflower

If you want the photos and other images on your blog to be pinned, there's a way to make it easier to write the descriptions and credit you and/or your blog the way you prefer. Like how that sounds?

It's a little way to optimize your blog (and it's images) so that Pinterest will suggest the description you want. This is how you can make Pinterest autofill the description field with the text you've chosen when someone pins an image from your blog. Of course they will be able to change the description, but at least they are given an option to do the right thing.

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What I'm talking about is alt and title texts. Pinterest uses these to autofill the description field when an image is being pinned.

As a matter of fact alt text is required for a web image. It is what's shown in the place of it when the image isn't for some reason loaded. Alt as alternative. If available and if there's no title text, Pinterest uses the alt text to populate the description field when an image is pinned.

Title text is what is shown when you hover the cursor (eg. move the mouse on) on image. If title text is available Pinterest uses it to populate the description field when the image is pinned.

Pinterest uses title text before alt text. Basically if you want your image to have an alt text (as it's supposed to), but want Pinterest to use another text for populating the description field, use title for it.

The alt and title texts can be added to your blog images in different ways depending on how you add the images on your blog. If you add them "manually" by using the img tag (such as <img src="example.jpg" />) adding alt and title texts is truly easy. Just insert alt="Your short description" and possibly title="Your short image title" inside the img tag.

Example 1: This would result the description field to be filled with Your short description:
&lt;img src="example.jpg" alt="Your short description" /&gt;

Example 2: This would result the description field to be filled with Your short image title:
&lt;img src="example.jpg" alt="Your short description" title="Your short image title" /&gt;


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