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Going Google+ and the Weekly Wrapup

09.07.2012 - 14:49

Porridge and white tea by tasselflower on

I have decided to give Google+ a week to prove to be useful. I haven't been very active on said service and I have high doubts on it's usefulness. I also don't really get it.

I've been on G+ since people could really invite other's there. Sometime last summer that was. But I haven't found any use for it.

"It's better [than Facebook]." That's what they tell me when I complain about how I don't get it. Yeah. I don't need another "better" Facebook. What's really the reason for me to use it? Why would I want to use Google+. That's what I'm going to try and find out myself, cause nobody has been able to tell me that.

I will be actively using Google+ for the following week. I will also post on G+ how my little experiment is going. So if you are there make sure to add me to your little circles to keep up with the progress.

Last week on tasselflower blog (eg. Weekly Wrapup)

Suomeksi (In Finnish): 

Koska kukaan ei ole kyennyt kertomaan minulle miksi minulla olisi syytä ja halua käyttää palvelua nimeltä Google+, olen päättänyt kokeilla sitä aktiivisesti viikon verran. Olen ollut ko. palvelussa viime kesästä asti, mutta en ole keksinyt sille mitään tarkoitusta. "Se on parempi [kuin Facebook]", on ilmeisesti ainoa vastaus mihin kukaan pystyy. En tarvitse toista "parempaa" Facebookia. Kokeilen nyt siis viikon ajan, että löydänkö plussan tarkoituksen. Jos satut olemaan Google+:n käyttäjä ja haluat seurata miten homma etenee, lisää minut ympyröihisi.

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I'm Mervi Emilia, a petite artist, web maker, poet and marketer from Finland. I have 17 years of experience and a formal education in everything about web design, development and online marketing. Shop my art and work with me.

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2 comments for "Going Google+ and the Weekly Wrapup"

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Anonymous, on , said:

the reason for G+ is that you provide more info about yourself so that they can give you better ads. Once you link all your G services and tell them your age, boyfriend and sex then you can be sold for much greater value. The goal was not to give out a superb service as is evident after using it.

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Yes I totally see your point and agree with it. Nevertheless I'm doing the little trial to see if I can get something out of the service, besides giving my infos to them (hey, they've got everything either way ;)). And I'm curious to see if I can find out why the few are so enthusiastic about it and so keen to defend.

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