What's your favorite color?

Jun 08, 2012 · 2 min read

White empty boat floating on turquoise sea waters

I've always found the questions about favorites (colors, movies, television shows, songs, artists etc.) really difficult. I think I can have several favorites and sometimes they change in time.

I like the color orange. That orange orange, fresh and fruity. Actually if I think of it I like lots of different juicy colors, like that green of insides of a kiwi (the fruit, not the bird or a person). And the strawberry red, complemented with deep green is simply beautiful.

There are also other pretty colors and loads of color combinations that make me drool. Like a bright, sunny yellow. Or hot pink to spice things up.

Judging by my clothing you'd think my favorite color is black (if it's a color at all). Most of my clothes are black, some grey, a couple of brown ones, a bunch of white. I like to keep it simple.

Though here's a little something I've learned: Having a very monotone wardrobe can cause to a point where you can't find a certain piece of clothing amongst all the other same colored ones.

My true favorites are the perfect turquoise, pure teal and that bright yellowish green of spring. There's a pattern here, I like my colors often very bright, yet somehow natural at the same time.

Think about that turquoise blue sea. Or the first leaves of spring. Aren't they pretty?

So, what's your favorite color or your favorite colors? Do you have different faves in different situations or uses? Why do you like these colors? Do tell!

Photo by Horia Varlan under Creative Commons license.

Suomeksi (In Finnish): 

Kysymykset lempijutuista ovat mielestäni aina vaikeita. Tykkään esimerkiksi koko joukosta eri värejä. Herkullisia värejä ovat esimerkiksi appelsiinin oranssi, kiivin (hedelmä) sisusten vihreä, mansikan punainen syvän vihreän kanssa. Kirkas, aurinkoinen keltainen ja kuuma pinkki ovat myös aika ihania. Vaatteistani päätellen voisi kuvitella, että musta on lempivärini (mikäli se on edes väri). Todelliset suosikkini ovat kuitenkin puhdas turkoosi ja kirkas turkoosinsininen, sekä se sellainen hieman kellertävä kevään vihreä. Tykkään väreistäni selvästi kirkkaina, mutta samalla jotenkin luonnollisina. Joten, mikä on sinun lempivärisi tai mitkä ovat lempivärejäsi? Tykkäätkö eri väreistä eri tilanteissa? Miksi tykkäät just näistä väreistä? Kerrothan!


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