Twitter Tuesday: Should I follow everyone back?

May 29, 2012 · 2 min read

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As you gain more and more followers on Twitter you'll might start to think if you should follow them all back. If you are a celebrity, you don't think about it for a sec. Nor if you have a huge ego and believe you are the center of the world. Otherwise, the thought may cross your mind.

Why to follow everyone back?

Following back is considered as the norm and the polite thing to do amongst some Twitter users. Many of them have also noticed it's a great way to get more followers. It is. Often (non-celebrity) Twitter users have many followers mainly because they follow everyone, except perhaps the obvious spam accounts, back. It's a way to go, if it feels right to you.

The main advantage of following everyone back is gaining more followers, possible ReTweets and mentions. Because Twitter users are mostly pretty narcissistic, gaining more followers by following others may be a big thing for some. Yes I had to check how to write the word narcissistic from a dictionary.

If you decide to follow everyone back, be sure to check if they are a spam account or not. Following a spam account will make you seem like an idiot, but it will also enhance to possibility your account or computer will get a virus of some sort. So, be careful with it.

Why not to follow everyone back?

Now this is what I do. So my opinion may be, should I say, biased. Anyways, there are disadvantages of following all and everyone back.

The reason why I don't follow everyone back right away is because I like to keep my Twitter stream manageable. For instance, before I go to sleep I check the latest Tweets and sometime when I'm up again I skim through all the Tweets that happened during my sleep. If I'd go with the following everyone back bandwagon, I wouldn't be able to do this.

Basically following everyone back means you will eventually follow so many people you won't in any way be able to keep up with even close to everything they Tweet. You WILL end up with a loud and messy Twitter stream and miss lots of good stuff.

Photo by Seattle Clouds under Creative Commons license.

Suomeksi (In Finnish): 

Saadessasi enemmän ja enemmän seuraajia (follower) Twitterissä, saattaa mieleesi tulla kysymys siitä pitäisikö sinun seurata kaikkia takaisin. Takaisin seuraaminen (saattaa olla yhdys sana) on eräs keino saada lisää seuraajia ja sitä pidetään joissakin piireissä myös kohteliaana normina. Suurin hyöty siitä, että seuraa kaikkia takaisin on juuri satojen, jollei tuhansien seuraajien saaminen sekä ReTweettien ja mainintojen (mentions) määrän lisääntyminen. Jos tämä kuulostaa hyvältä, muista kuitenkin varoa spämmitilejä. Niiden seuraaminen voi altistaa tilisi ja koneesi erilaisille haittaohjelmille. Toisaalta kaikkien seuraaminen aiheuttaa myös sen, että Twitter virran hallitseminen ja viestien todellinen seuraaminen muuttuu mahdottomaksi. Seuratessasi kaikkia jää sinulta huomaamatta monia hyviä juttuja.


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