There's no shame in not affording it

May 24, 2012 · 2 min read


Last year I started to do something a little bit evil. I begun to make certain people uncomfortable by talking about money and especially about how I can't afford everything. I've found their reaction entertaining.

I'd started to notice how they get really twitchy and scared when someone says they can't afford something. Or that something was way too expensive. Like it would be somehow embarrassing not being dirty rich.

Actually all of us have something we cannot afford. Even wealthy people and countries cannot buy everything. And that's good. If someone could go and purchase all and anything, soon the rest of us would be in a deep trouble. Makes sense, doesn't it?

It's funny how deeply sensitive thing money seems to be. As if it was something personal. It's not. It's just currency.

To be honest I sometimes use it as an excuse. I mean yeah, I'm not lying if I say something's too expensive for me. However I might feel free if I'm able to say I can't buy something or attend some event.

I'm not saying one can live without money. At least not in this sort of society I'm living in. And I'm not saying I could, since I'm used to be able to buy the food and use a shower. I need it as much as anyone else.

What I'm saying is most people I know, most around me, are way too concentrated on making money and pretending they can afford every single thing on earth. And they take money they have (and other's don't) way too personally.

There's really no shame in saying: "I can't afford it."

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Suomeksi (In Finnish): 

Monet tuntemani ihmiset ovat liian herkkiä rahan suhteen. He ottavat sen ihan liian henkilökohtaisesti. Sanominen ääneen, ettei johonkin ole varaa tai jokin maksaa ihan liikaa koetaan epämukavaksi, pelottavaksi ja jopa häpeälliseksi. Siinä ei oikeasti ole mitään hävettävää. Kukaan tai mikään ei ole niin rikas, että pystyisi ostamaan kaiken maailmassa. Ja hyvä niin.

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