Don't make a video or an infographic the only source of information

Apr 13, 2012 · 2 min read

Why not make a video or a infographic the sole source of the information you want to give? Don't they seem like the best way to reach the whole world? Well, no. Not all the time.

Accessing videos and infographics can be least to say difficult. If a video is available only as Flash, viewing them with iPhones, iPads and such isn't possible. And even if the video is available in other formats too, not everyone can watch them and not everyone can hear them. You know, people who cannot see or hear (well).

Infographics are pretty much a pain to check out on a phone. Especially if the graphic is really wide or tall. Actually I've seen some that are impossible to see with a phone, being so wide they don't fit the mobile version of the site and cannot be zoomed in or out. And then again the Infographic has that same problem with those who cannot see or have impaired sight.

Another problem with videos and infographics is they a slow way to give information. Yes, infographics are slow too. Watching an informative video or going through an infographic can take lots of effort.

Besides for a quick reader waiting for the talking head to get through a sentence is quite mind numbing experience. By the time the video has ended a person who reads quickly would have read the same thing a couple of times. If it had been in a text version.

Infographics on the other hand are slow because they usually represent the information in unnecessarily heavy graphics. They are mostly eye candies: Seems like the idea of an infographic is to be pretty, more than to be informative. Admit it, you infographic maniacs.

Videos also provide a problem for someone who's in a hurry. If I need the info right now, I cannot wait the video to load and the talking head to finally get to the point. Skimming isn't possible.

I also think that if you can't give the same info in written form, there's something wrong with it. Yes, yes, a picture tells more than a thousand words. It also can confuse and mislead.

So what's the better way? Well, how about giving both? The attractive and hip infographic and the same info or at least the main points as regular text. Or the trendy and oh-so-fun video with the core idea as bulleting points or the script with it in a text version.

And remember: Not everyone loves videos or infographics. Right now it's very hip and pop to yada yada on a video or make a infographic about anything. Just remember that there's more to the Internet than being trendy.

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Videot ja infografiikat ovat juuri nyt trendikäs juttu. Mutta kaikki eivät ole hullaantuneita videoihin ja infografiikkoihin. Ne eivät ole aina paras keino informaation levittämiseen, varsinkaan ainoana keinona. Niissä on saavutettavuusongelmia ja ne ovat hitaita. Pikalukeminen ei esimerkiksi videon kohdalla onnistu. Suosittelenkin siis tekemään infografiikan lisäksi tekstiversion ja julkaisemaan joko videon käsikirjoituksen tai tärkeimmät kohdat ranskalaisin viivoin. Netti on enemmän kuin vain trendien seuraamista.

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