Who are you? Ten Days Of Personal

07.04.2011 · 1 min read

You may have noticed I tend to like to try and write about all sorts of more or less professional subjects. About work, about projects, about web design, about social media and so forth. I do write about personal subjects too, but I'm usually sort of shy about it. My main interest is obviously in being all sorts of professional and to be taken seriously. How boring is that?

Starting tomorrow I'll do a little experiment called Ten Days Of personal (TDOP): Every day April 8 through April 17 I will post at least one entry on this blog, Tomato Branch. Each entry will be somehow personal, a story about my life or about the way I think or feel. The main rule is these posts may not be about serious professional matter or about something someone else has said and done. It will be all about me, me, me. Up close and personal.

I'll obviously be likely to write about other matters in addition to this experiment throughout the week. The TDOP entries will be separate from any other subjects as well as the weekly usuals (The site of Tuesday and Wednesday Pop).

Mervi, as seen by Timo M.

Photo by Timo Martiskainen. Thank you so much, Timo!


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