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Mar 19, 2011 · 3 min read

On The Job - Invoice

Do you do project work? Maybe you have your own small- or microbusiness, or freelance in time to time. And as you know, it's sometimes really hard to keep track on the hours you've been working on a project. Do you know good apps for tracking the work projects, invoicing or even a full financial management for a freelancers and small businesses? If you do, I'd like to hear about them.

If you are a Mac user there's a simple tool to keep track on the working hours on different projects. It even lets you create simple invoices if needed. It's an app called On The Job. In the following I will give a quick introduction to the app. Screenshots are included.

Okay, so first you need to create a new client. You can add a name, a picture and the basic payment info, such as default hourly rate and taxes. The times can also be rounded to the nearest 30 minutes, but I like to know how much I have actually worked.

On The Job - New Client

For each client you can create a bunch of jobs. Each job has it's own name and you can create several different items inside a job. For organizing a huge amount of jobs there's an option to create job folders. The items can be timed (the feature I've been using so far), fixed cost, quantity based or mileage based.

On The Job - New Job

Timing sessions can be modified in different ways. For instance if you forgot to put the timer on when you started the job, just add the missing time to the session.

On The Job - Quick Add

To start tracking on the time you've worked, just hit start button on the app or Start Timer selection from your menu bar. And to end the tracking hit the stop button.

On The Job - Rec

New invoices for the client can be created from a certain time period, certain jobs or all the jobs. The app comes with several different invoice themes and they are all modifiable. You can also add a new theme, for instance with your business' own logo and style. The invoices can be included with info about payments and when the job is fully paid the invoice will be stamped with a big red "PAID".

On The Job - New Invoice

On The Job - Invoice Edit

The invoice system is very very simple. If you need to include more info, such as reference number (which is different than the invoice number), you might want to have a bit more sophisticated program. But for small businesses or personal project tracking this app is very nice.

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