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Farewell Miku

07.03.2011 - 17:34

Miku, January 2011

12 years ago a big yellow-orange cat started to hang around in the old barn at my home place. With a little digging we found out this cat had vanished from his old home, over 10 km from ours, and invited the owner to come and retrieve him. But the cat had made his decision: He wouldn't live there, he would want to move in with us. After several attempts to get him back to his old home we cave in. Miku was welcomed to our family.

All these years Miku stayed healthy and happy, until this extremely cold winter took it's toll and he got ill. Today Miku had been put to sleep. Now that Eetu is gone and Miku as well, Juuso is the only one of the boys left. The photo included is from the last time I saw Miku, right in the beginning of this year.

Farewell Miku. It was a joy to know you.

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