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Cold hands

18.03.2011 - 15:51

coco lotion

How's it going today? I have a fair warning for you: If you are in Finland this time of the year be careful not to lose your gloves or mittens. Tuesday I lost my other mitten somewhere in Helsinki central area. Because it is still winter and quite cold out there, I tried to find a new pair to warm my hands. Surprisingly pretty much all the stores were filled with spring accessories. Very optimistic. Straw hats and pretty thin scarves didn't seem help with my problem. Finally at one store I found a pair of simple green knit gloves and bought them without hesitation.

After finding the gloves I went to look for some hand and body lotion. Have you tried the lotions from Lush? I hadn't tried them before and I decided to go for Coco Lotion. Someone on seems to have commented it smells like baby sick. It doesn't. One of the reasons I chose Coco Lotion was it's very subtle scent. The lotion is not perfumed, so the scent comes from it's ingredients, including coconut oil. It dries very fast, yet moisturizes well. So good.

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