Dear You

15.12.2010 - 19:34

Dear friend, follower, stalker or online trekker,

I'm writing this little open letter because I have noticed an interesting pattern on Twitter. When I don't tweet at all I gain a bunch of new followers. And then the more tweet (and it's really not that much compared to some) the more followers I lose. I usually don't know who they are. I use a Twitter client which shows only the number of followers, but not the names and I've set so that I won't get notices when someone starts to follow me.

First of all I tweeted about this and someone answered me they rarely follow anyone who tweets more than 4 times a day. That's what I'd call a low flood threshold. And I don't really tweet that much, actually I can be pretty inactive for a while and then say something somewhat uninteresting.

But actually this is not the case. Okay, I lied a little. This time I did know who had followed and who had left. At least some of them. I did a little stalking, since I suddenly gained a bunch of more followers and it was intriguing and kind of weird. Judging their profiles it was obvious some followed me cause they thought I'd follow them back.

Now that's not how it goes. As said, usually I don't know who follows me, unless they reply, mention or re-tweet me. And I try and keep my Twitter somewhat clean. Yes, it's true I follow lots of actors and such cause I'm a geek. And if I didn't follow them I'd have room for every single one who follows me. Or at least most. But I like to be selective, even if it causes me to suddenly gain and as suddenly lose followers.

So my point here is, Dear You, if you want to get into contact with me, do contact me. Don't just sit there and wait for me to get interested. And yes, I tweet about anything I like (even having a haircut) and as often or rarely as I like. Hope I won't disappoint you, but also I just like to have certain freedom about what I do with Twitter.

Yours truly,
Mervi (Emilia) Eskelinen

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I am Mervi Emilia, an artist and a web designer. I have been online since 1997 and making websites for 17 years. Besides web stuff, social media and marketing I like cats, movies and tea. Follow me at Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn. Also like my page at Facebook.

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3 comments for "Dear You"

Anna's picture

It's a really strange thing tweeting, and how people start to follow you ! I've only been doing it for about a week now, I find it to be a very interesting phenomenon. I really like your blog BTW :-)

Mervi's picture

Thank you Anna for reaching out!

Yes, Twitter is interesting, but also it can be a bit of a pain in the ass (as any other social media application). It's lots of work and sometimes it just doesn't seem worth it.

Thank you so much it's nice to hear someone likes my blog! Sometimes blogging as well as tweeting can be pretty lonely, since I don't always know if I have reached anyone with it. The feeling of yelling to an empty room makes me nuts.

I haven't found your blog before this, but I'm gonna check it out as soon as possible. Looks good!

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