Run to the hills

Aug 20, 2010 · 2 min read

I've never been much of an athlete. Actually I've pretty much hated all sorts of sports. Hey, I'm a geek, you know. In school I was the kid who was not good in any sports. As a teen being the smallest of all the girls of my class was pretty scary when it came to playing football (the right kind, not the American) or basketball or anything which had to do with the group of very competitive girls roaming around and trying to score or something. The bigger and more athletic girls just ran over me, not just figuratively speaking.

The geek life has taken it's toll on my shoulders and back, so a couple of years ago I started to go for long walks and then even run a little bit. Now don't take me wrong, I'm still not very much of an athlete. And my back is still ruined. I'm not even very good with running and I don't do it very often or very regularly. But when I do, I usually rather enjoy it.

Last year I bought real running shoes. And then I got myself the Nike+iPod gadget, which helps me to track my runs. It's nothing serious, but as a geek I think it's fun to see the data the gadget and the service gives. The gadget may be a bit silly for a serious runner, but I'm not too serious. I also import the data to dailymile. If I would do other kind of workouts I would log them on there too. Just because it's fun. I have also set dailymile to send my runs to my Twitter account. Cause it's fun too. You must know by now I have this thing for social media.

On my route there's always people walking their dogs or running or cycling or on their way home. Sometimes there's a cat sneaking around, a couple of bunnies or squirrels looking for food. This time of the year the apples are falling from the trees and they smell sweet and rotten. Birds are working hard to get some food before they fly somewhere South. The past couple of days weather has been warm, but windy and the wind feels somehow raw. While running I'm surrounded with all of this and all alone with my thoughts and daydreams, listening the music I like.

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