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30.08.2010 - 00:52 · 2 min read

Tomato Branch screenshot, August 2010

This site needed a new design desperately. Unfortunately I was having a bit of a designer's block. Usually I've done very simple and even minimalistic designs for my own sites, but this time I didn't want it to be all white and plain and boring. The only problem was with the inspiration. It just seemed to be gone...

As a part of something called as self branding I asked you, a friend or a stranger, to describe me in three adjectives. Five of you did so, three here on my blog and two on Facebook.

The words (these aren't all adjectives) used to describe me were: Artistic, reliable, kind, small, ironic, smart, runner, sophisticated, redhead, loveliest, artistic, geeky, geek, fun, sensitive. As you can see, the adjective artistic was used twice and also I was described as both geeky and a geek. What an interesting result overall.

At some point I had and idea to change the name of the blog. Tomato Branch sounded right. Besides I think tomato plants are pretty and smell so very good. After getting the list of adjectives and other descriptions and checking out some artistic references and inspirational recources I created the first impression of the idea I had. It didn't work. I was about to scrap the whole idea. On Friday we, me and Toni had a trip to Design Museum, as a part of The Night of the Arts. I decided to revisit the idea and well... You can see the results here.

The new design is handmade and sort of artsy. A bit like a scrap book or a piece of paper filled with scribblings. Something with my handprint.

Some things are still under construction, partially because of the crazy Drupal theming. Part of this whole thing was to practise making a Drupal 6 theme with this site, since I need to update some work projects from Drupal 5 to 6.

Since I've made the site with my pretty little MacBook (Snow Leopard), using Google Crome it may or may not work as well on other platforms and other browsers. Well okay, I did a little quick check with a couple of other browsers and Windows Vista too. If something doesn't work, let me know.


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