Designer's dilemma

27.08.2010 - 14:47

Lets imagine a web designer. She has a website, which includes blog, general info and contact form. The plan is to include a little portfolio too. The web designer is good at her job. She has been creating web sites since she was a teen and that was over 10 years ago. She knows CSS and can do some pretty neat tricks with it. She is a bit of a perfectionist. Mostly about her own work. She wants to feel pride about what she does and doesn't like to leave things half done.

The web designer designs a new layout for her site. It's artsy and a bit different than her usual designs. There's much more going on it. She likes it. But then she starts to build the layout on her site's content management system. It's slow and a bit hard job and during this time she starts to grow away from the new layout. It doesn't look so great anymore. It's getting a bit old and quite annoying in her eyes. She knows the layout is not bad, she just has seen it too many times and there has been some problems with making it work with the CMS.

Now the designer has a dilemma. Should she just bite her lip and release the new layout as is, or scrap it and start over. If it was a client site she would happily do the first. Most likely the client would be happy with the site and the web designer wouldn't have to see it every day. After a while she would be happy with it again and proud about it.

But this is her personal site. Something she has to work with. The blog doesn't write and publish itself and the comments need to be checked in time to time for spam. If she would star over again, how could she be sure the new layout wouldn't get "old" after trying to make it work with the CMS? Would she be starting over again and again? Or would she find the perfect layout, after a couple of tries? The web designer is confused. What can she do?


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I am Mervi Emilia, an artist and a web designer. I have been online since 1997 and making websites for 17 years. Besides web stuff, social media and marketing I like cats, movies and tea. Follow me at Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn. Also like my page at Facebook.

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