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Idea book

27.04.2010 - 01:08

I think too much. No, I'm not bragging about it, it's just a statement. When I go to bed I usually stay up for quite a while and think about things. When I have a shower I may sit there under the water thinking.

And all the time I have new ideas. Ideas of things to blog about, ideas for websites, ideas for this and that. Sometimes the ideas are bad or even awful, sometimes they seem pretty good. Sometimes I make them happen and they work really well. But often it gets hard with all the very much unordered ideas roaming around in my head.

Today I had another idea. It's pretty simple actually and I wonder why I haven't thought about this earlier. Must be all the bad ideas blocking me from noticing the good ideas. And it's not exactly a new idea either, but for me it was sort of new. The grant idea was to create an idea book.

I always have a bunch of empty notebooks around, so I took one and wrote the idea number one on the first page. The idea number one, the idea book. The basic concept is to fill in the book all the ideas, the good ones, the bad ones and the ugly ones. All of them. It can be only the title of the idea, a short description or even just a drawing. Sort of like a scrap book of my mind. The difference with a scrap book is I don't have to go through the trouble of finding a picture or any other item from someplace and gluing it in my book. Only things I need are a notebook and a pen.

Now I'm sure there's some web service or a combination of services I could use like this, but part of what makes the idea book is that it's a real book. It's made of paper and whatever the book is made of. It makes the ideas more concrete than if they were in a digital form. Sharing all of the ideas on the book is also not part of the plan. They are there just for me and just to clear my head.

So there. If you are like me and think a bit too much and don't have time or even diligence to make full concepts or scrap book about your billions of ideas, try this one. It's easy and fast. And might help.

Thank you for reading Idea book. What do you think? Do tell!

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I'm Mervi Emilia Eskelinen, an artist, and a multi-talent of web visibility and branding from Finland. I help indie businesses, freelancers and bloggers to stand out online. I have 18 years of experience and a formal education in everything about web design and development, branding and online marketing.

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2 comments for "Idea book"

Atso's picture

That's a good idea. :)

I don't think I have enough ideas to fill up a notebook, though. I'd probably end up using it for grocery lists.

Mervi's picture

Well sometimes grocery lists are full of really good ideas. At least from the trying to stay alive -point of view. *grin*

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