How hard can it be?

26.04.2010 - 00:12 · 2 min read

It's been such a long time since I've actually been blogging or had a decent website, I have hard time to decide where to start. I don't seem to be able to decide what sort of content to publish, how much info is needed or what to blog about. It's like trying to swim after a long winter. I know I can do it. But the water is cold and I'm slightly unsure if I can still keep myself from not drowning.

Back in 2005 or whenever I blogged last time most of us had a huge list of blogs and other sites on the sidebar of our blog or at least as a separate site (or both). For a couple of days I had a blogroll on the sidebar of this site. A couple of moments ago I made a page to promote some other sites. And then I noticed most blogs/sites I had listed don't promote any other sites anymore.

After my last blog went to bit heaven things have changed: All sorts of social media and sharing sites have popped up and the ones that were there already have grown, spread and evolved. Well at least I like to imagine they have evolved. Sharing has become easier. At the same time sharing and getting that own thing to be shared has become a bit of a competition. The more people are sharing, the easier it's to get lost in the flood. This is interesting time we are living. So many voices are telling so many stories.

It seems like everyone is a expert of something. They all know the best how to tweet or blog or whatever I'm trying to do. And they all have different opinion on how to do it. With all these experts and their opinions I most definitely have hard time of knowing where to start.

In the end of the day, even if there's a chance of getting lost or drowning, I feel I can only dive in and do my own thing. How hard can it be?


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