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Here I am

21.04.2010 - 18:17

After a long long time I'm back with blogging. And this time in English. It's not my first language and I'm just a human and I make mistakes. Please don't laugh, that would be just condescending.

I will rant here about this and that, anything I feel to write about. Obviously, cause I'm me, I will write about social media, virtual worlds, web design and other similar subjects. But I will also write about other things I'm interested in, including cats, tea, tv series, movies, books, photographing and having a haircut in time to time. That reminds me I should have a haircut. My bangs are trying to get into my eyes.

Comments on my posts are very welcomed, but I keep the right to delete any comments I don't approve. Please keep in mind this is MY blog. If something I write about makes you feel funny, do contact me, but don't be a douche. Or just leave and never come back (that's the safe option).

There will be more info, portfolio and then some on this site, but right now the whole thing is under construction. The theme is kinda cute, but I will most likely change it to something I've made myself.

See you around!

Thank you for reading Here I am. What do you think? Do tell!

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I'm Mervi Emilia Eskelinen, an artist, and a multi-talent of web visibility and branding from Finland. I help indie businesses, freelancers and bloggers to stand out online. I have 18 years of experience and a formal education in everything about web design and development, branding and online marketing.

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