To get noticed you must be found.

Hello, my name is Mervi Eskelinen. I am an artist and Online Presence Strategist. I'm here to help indie businesses, bloggers and freelancers to be found and noticed.

What is an online presence?

Online presence is more than your website, Facebook page, or your branding. It is is everything you do, and everything others say about you online. It's your Facebook likes, your email address, your mom's comments on your blog, and everything you share around the web.

Presence is existence, appearance, attendance, being there, showing up. Presence is attitude, charisma, behaviour, aura, conduct, personality, attraction. The word presence comes from Latin for being at hand. In short, having an online presence means existing on the Internet. Read more...

Mervi Emilia Eskelinen - Online Presence Strategist

Is your online presence getting you found and noticed?

My origin story

Born somewhere in rural Finland, partially raised by a cat (he tried, at least), I learned to secretly believe in faeries and other creatures of the forest. In 1994, for my 13th birthday, I was given my first computer. It was a used 386, Intel inside, running Windows 3.11. Four years later, during Finnish high-school lukio, I made my first website at GeoCities. After graduating from lukio, I moved to Helsinki, our capital city. I like to say I'm an urban country girl.

I've been a web designer and developer for almost two decades. At first it was a hobby. Soon, alongside my first real job, I was neck deep in making, tweaking, fixing and updating websites. I built my first blogging content management systems from scratch, thus familiarising myself with databases, coding and design. For a moment I studied computer science before switching to digital media.

During my studies I became a freelance web designer and developer, learned to enjoy marketing, and got more deeply involved with social media. I even made my thesis about utilising social media in business-to-business marketing. Eventually I was slapped with a degree, Bachelor of Culture and Arts.

In all these years I have grown into a multi-talent of online presences. Today, in addition to my degree, I am a HubSpot certified content, inbound and email marketer. I add branding, web design, social media, search engine optimisation, user experience management, marketing and personality in a colourful mix. It's kind of like making magic potions. I offer consultations, business coaching and education about powerful online presences.

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"Mervi is deft, fast and insightful. She is both technically skilled and creative, as a designer and marketer. Remarkable amount of know-how in one package - I recommend."

"Mervi on näppärä, nopea ja oivaltava. Hän on sekä teknisesti taitava että luova, niin designerina kuin markkinoijana. Harvinaisen paljon osaamista yhdessä paketissa - suosittelen."

Nina Enroth / LinkedIn

"I enjoyed working with Mervi on a logo and cover photo for my new business, Augment Intelligence. The back and forth creative process was much appreciated and I was very pleased with the work. Mervi is a talented designer and my project was managed efficiently, with excellent results."

Richard MacManus /

"Mervi has been consulting me comprehensively about web for approximately 3 years. I can always trust her expertise in technical details, usability and design. Additionally I appreciate Mervi's fast response, wonderful attitude and her ability to suggest better ways to do things. I recommend her warmly."

"Mervi on konsultoinut minua verkkopalveluasioissa erittäin monipuolisesti n. kolmen vuoden ajan. Olen aina voinut luottaa hänen ammattitaitoonsa sekä teknisten yksityiskohtien, käytettävyyden että designin osalta. Arvostan lisäksi Mervin nopeutta, loistavaa asennetta ja kykyä ehdottaa aina parempia tapoja toimia. Voin suositella lämpimästi."

Satu Mäki /

"Mervi is fast, initiative and sharp. She gets a modern take on what she does by following her time. Working with Mervi is easy and straightforward."

"Mervi on nopea, oma-aloitteinen ja skarppi. Hän seuraa aikaansa ja saa siten modernin otteen tekemisiinsä. Mervin kanssa työskentely on mutkatonta ja suoraviivaista."

Saara Ritvos / Kauneustoimittajien yhdistys