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Mervi Emilia My name is Mervi Emilia Eskelinen. I am a long term web consultant and designer from Finland. My goal is to help you to find, claim and own your place online, and on the side, boost your creativity.

Web design

I created my first website in high school, late '90s. I was pretty new with Internet and web, and web was pretty new in the world. As many others, I created my first site on GeoCities by copying, pasting and modifying source code of other websites. That way I also learned the basics of HTML. Later on I added other skills to my website creation toolbox. I studied computer science for a while, but it was too much code, and too little web and design for me. After struggling with it for a couple of years I went on and applied to study in Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Metropolia had another name first, but it was changed while I was studying there. Back then my degree programme was called New Media Design, now I believe it's Digital Media. Either way, I published my thesis about utilising social media in business to business marketing in 2009 and graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Culture and Arts in 2010.

I have been working with designing, developing, tweaking, fixing and reshaping websites since I graduated from high school. In 2007, still studying in Metropolia, I begun to freelance and have been doing so ever since. Now my work and life swirls around websites, online marketing and social media. I help businesses and individuals with their online presences. See my portfolio for selected examples and services for more information about what I have to offer for you.


I have been blogging on-and-off since early days of my life online. My first blog type versions were simple daily logs, built with text files. Later on I built my own database rooted blogging platforms, eventually adding commenting and other interaction. I paused my blogging for several years, and launched my new blog in spring of 2010.

Writing has been important for me since I learned to read and write. I have been writing stories and poems for decades. Blogging works for me as another way of expressing myself through writing. Thus my blog posts are generally writing heavy with very little images. I treat my blog as a "personal blog", writing about subjects that interest and intrigue me. However I also like to be useful for my readers, thus I write lots of informative posts. My main subjects are web and web design, social media, marketing and creativity.

I try to blog weekly basis, but sometimes I take breaks for many reasons. When my work takes over I have trouble finding time for blogging and sometimes I do hit a bloggers block. It happens.


Creativity is a big deal in my family. We have a history in craftsmanship. My maternal grandmother was a seamstress who taught me to make clothes for my Barbie doll, my mother draws and my dad makes things from wood, anything from houses to spoons. My parents have always been nurturing my and my sisters' creativity. I was given tools for drawing and writing, and encouraged to express myself through art. That's why it is so important to me.

Besides making websites and writing, I enjoy drawing, crafting, painting and photography. Web is an important platform of creativity for me, but I also take it offline. Currently I'm concentrating on pencil drawing, as I find it pleasing. I don't like to limit my creativity on one thing and I like to try new things all the time.

I believe everyone can be creative and creativity is not limited in art. It is something you can learn yourself. I'd like to unleash your creativity, for which you just need to fill the form below. It's free and spam-free.