Hello, I'm Mervi Emilia!
I'm an artist and a web designer from Finland. Bachelor of Culture and Arts (medianomi, amk, 240 op), Digital Media. I help you to find, claim and own your place online, creatively. I believe in unique and well done, and my approach is handcrafted. Welcome!

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Brand and web design

Stand up from the crowd with beautifully crafted brand and logo design, fully tailored professional website, social media design, lovely illustrations and graphic elements. I offer unique and valuable design and illustration services.
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Yksilöllistä verkkosuunnittelua, brändejä, logoja ja muita design- ja kuvituspalveluita.

Help and consultation

Are you a do-it-yourself kind of a business owner? Have your previously made website or social media profiles started to break up, or do they need a little adjusting? I will help you with smaller and bigger design and tech tweaks.
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Apua ja konsultaatiota tarpeen mukaan, teknistä säätöä ja designapua lyhyt- ja pitkäaikaisesti.

Custom services

I have almost two decades of experience and formal education in everything about web. In case you have any web design, branding, social media, marketing and graphic design needs, do contact me and we'll work it out.
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Paljon muita verkkosivu-, some- ja markkinointipalveluita. Kysy lisää!

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"Mervi is fast, initiative and sharp. She gets a modern take on what she does by following her time. Working with Mervi is easy and straightforward."

"Mervi on nopea, oma-aloitteinen ja skarppi. Hän seuraa aikaansa ja saa siten modernin otteen tekemisiinsä. Mervin kanssa työskentely on mutkatonta ja suoraviivaista."

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