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One thing is painfully clear. The technology has made information easy to access, and easy to create. This has led to incredible amount of lies being spread around. If an orange guy yells it loud enough, everyone will be sure to hear it. If someone wants you to believe a woman is crooked, all they... Keep reading →

My origin story

My name is Mervi Eskelinen. I am an artist and online presence goddess. I'm here to help you stand out from the crowd. I make websites, online marketing and branding. Often I draw, write fiction and dream poetry. I like cats, television, movies, music and tea.

Born somewhere in rural Finland, partially raised by a cat (he tried, at least), I learned to secretly believe in faeries and other creatures of the forest. In 1994, for my 13th birthday, I was given my first computer. It was a used 386, Intel inside, running Windows 3.11. Four years later, during Finnish high-school lukio, I made my first website at GeoCities. After graduating from lukio, I moved to Helsinki, our capital city. I like to say I'm an urban country girl.

I've been a web designer and developer for almost two decades. At first it was a hobby. Soon, alongside my first real job, I was neck deep in making, tweaking, fixing and updating websites.

I built my first blogging content management systems from scratch, thus familiarising myself with databases, coding and design. For a second I studied computer science before switching to digital media. During my studies I became a freelancer, learned to enjoy marketing, and got involved with social media. I even made my thesis about utilising social media in business-to-business marketing. Eventually I was slapped with a degree, Bachelor of Culture and Arts.

In all these years I have grown into a multi-talent of online presences. I add branding, web design, social media, search engine optimisation, user experience management, marketing and personality in a colourful mix. It's kind of like making magic potions. I offer consultation and coaching around branding, marketing and web. Additionally I design fabulous brands. I'm here to help you!